Restaurant Parck

Parck Exceeds!

Welcome to Restaurant Parck enjoy our unique concept, the hospitable service, informal ambiance, friendly prices and pure quality.

Parck opens its doors at 11:00 am to provide everyone with a delicious cup of coffee or lunch. You have the choice between healthy original sandwiches and salads or a 3-course menu from our dinner menu.

After lunch, Parck transforms into a cozy location to meet for drinks. Choose from our extensive selection of aperitifs, appetizers, beers and or wines.

During dinner you will be pampered by our chef Nick Cornet and his kitchen team. The dinner menu consists of a mix of classic and modern dishes with a surprising “twist” and a fixed price of € 29.95 for a 3-course menu.

The love for pure products and the attention we give to making and serving our dishes will exceed your expectations.

Visit Restaurant Parck, for a fresh cup of coffee or a nice lunch and dinner!